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Wonder Woman vs Supergirl in Portugal!

We’ve been inundated with requests for a girl-girl shoot! Because of COVID-19 we were unable to, with distancing and mask wearing, it wouldn’t have worked. We now have the PERFECT opportunity! Our photographer Mike Fieldhouse has a trip planned to Portugal, along with Louise, Saffron, Lauren Louise, and Frankie Lain. He’s staying and shooting at a stunning villa in the Algarve, with great settings both inside and out for shoots. There’s a large pool overlooking a sweeping vista, large tastefully decorated bedrooms, a sophisticated open-plan living space, great kitchen, dining room, large marble shower and bathroom.

I’ve booked a custom with him for Saffron to be Wonder Woman, and the lovely Louise to be Supergirl. The last time we saw Louise at Superhero Academy she wore that shop-bought Supergirl CW costume which quickly grew boring, it wasn’t up to our standards, and has now been retired.

THIS time, however, she’ll be wearing our much sexier, form fitting Supergirl Matrix custom battlesuit! The shoot wil consist of Wonder Woman and Supergirl meeting up to square up to each other. Supergirl has just arrived on Earth and Wonder Woman doesn’t trust her. They’re going to fight by the beautiful pool using just strength to see who’s strongest. No cliche chloroform here. Not even Kryptonite!

Will they be friends? Find out soon!

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