SuperAnnabelle Zor-El drops in!

The lovely up and coming Scottish glamour babe Annabelle has swooped in! Uh-oh! You know how Wonder Lauren warned you about Supergirl flying you home in our last set? Well, Supergirl's made a surprise appearance at yours and Lauren's flat! She's in a seductive mood, wearing her battlesuit and she's too cute to turn away! I think she likes you, fella! This ultra cute caped angel fresh from Krypton can't be that dangerous? She saved you and flew you home, right? Look at…

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Lauren Louise’s Wonder Woman set is here!

I'm proud to announce that Lauren Louise's Wonder Woman shoot is now available to buy! Wonder Louise has heard that you were rescued after a car crash, by a new superheroine in town! Supergirl! She's landed from Krypton, and wears a battlesuit and cape in red, yellow and blue! But, Wonder Woman is your girlfriend, and she doesn't trust this new Kryptonian with superpowers. She's a little jealous of Supergirl too, and also mad at herself for not being able to save you…

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Download Issues

We understand there's been issues with downloads timing out, and have been looking into it. We worked with our host, GetSpace, to find a solution. Sadly their technical limits are too low for us (PHP timeout limits, max upload size etc), so we tried a workaround on our post production side. When we post-produce our sets, we use Photoshop to downsize images and apply watermarks. We DO NOT retouch. We save images at maximum quality. Photoshop saves at quality level 12 (Maximum) which…

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Our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit!

We used to be big fans of and (later became, until Jon lost his way, or maybe just lost interest. Well, we'd like to carry on where he left off, as we love heroines showing off in their sexy battlesuits. Training our heroines and having them show off is what we do! There's some pretty cute and amazing new models in the industry we think would be great as heroines. We've commissioned MandyCosplay to design us a costume based on…

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SuperLouise is now available in our store!

Sara Reynolds/Sara Louise (Now known as Louise from now on) swooped in to do her first shoot for us as the Maid of Might! She's working from home, as a secretary, adjusting to a new COVID life, when suddenly her super-hearing picks up trouble! She changes into her sexy Super alter ego, SuperLou Zor-El! She shows off her battlesuit, flies off to save the day, and then returns. She flirts with you, showing you how gorgeous she is, and also how strong she…

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SuperSara is swooping in soon!

Due to Coronavirus, we can only do single model shoots at the moment because of distancing. We have the lovely Sara Louise (aka Sara Reynolds) shooting for us next week! She's doing her day job as a secretary, almost finished her shift, when suddenly her Super hearing picks up the sound of someone in distress! She changes at lightspeed into her Supergirl battlesuit, and flies off to help them! When she returns, she shows off her strength for you, and her sweet side.…

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Introducing SuperYurie!

We have a new Supergirl model coming to Superhero Academy! Well, these sets were shot a few years ago before I actually made Superhero Academy a thing. Her name is Yuriko, she's a real life kickass goddess who loves Martial Arts, plus she looks Super cute in our 80's Supergirl battlesuit! She prefers peril instead of always winning! So there's always that element of, "Can she escape?!?" when you see her accosted by a Facehugger, or trapped by Catwoman!

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