Cute Japanese Supergirls!
If you love cute Japanese babes in a cape, come on in, Yuriko will swoop you away!
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Beautiful UK Glamour Girls!
Your favourite UK glamour girls get suited and booted to kick ass and save the world!
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Where superheroes come to kick ass and look good!

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Welcome to Superhero Academy!

Here we showcase the beauty and moves of kickass superheroes and superheroines! From Supergirl to Wonder Woman, and Superman to The Flash, we train and showcase our heroes as they go from strength to strength to fight evil!

We have popular UK glamour girls modelling as superheroines for us that you WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!

Regular geeky guys and girls are invited to model for us, too! Unlike your typical heroine site, we do things differently here. We have girl AND guy heroes battling evil!

Our recent Photoset & Video Updates:

2020-12-20 – Elle Hunter (Elle M) – Set 1 – Introducing SuperElle Zor-El!

Elle Hunter (aka Elle M) is our newest model. Kindly shot exclusively for us (Elle has NEVER been a superhero for ANYONE else before!) by Mike Fieldhouse (photographer at OnlyAllSites), this is her debut set, she was only too happy to transform from her evening dress, to her Supergirl battlesuit for you, to show off her beauty, strength, dominance, and her sweetness, as well as her powerful, gorgeous battlesuit, boots and cape.

Only problem is, she had to fly off suddenly to save someone!! As you do, when you’re the caped Maid of Might…..


For past updates and videos, please see our Updates page!