Superhero Academy - Models List


Elle Hunter (Elle M)

Lovely Elle has always been a favourite of ours from the OnlyAllSites group of glamour sites. We couldn't resist teaming up with Mike Fieldhouse to shoot some sets of her as a superheroine!

Name: Elle Hunter a.k.a Elle M
Superheroines played @ SA: Supergirl (SuperElle-Zor-El)
Location: West Midlands, UK

Products @ Superhero Academy: SuperElle Zor-El - Introducing SuperElle!

Yurie Yoshizawa (Yuriko)

Yuriko may look as cute as a kitten (as a lot of Japanese ladies do!), but don't underestimate her! She is a 6th Dan black belt martial artist, who can literally kick ass in real life, and not just as her super alter ego SuperYurie! You can see this in her sets as she prefers peril style to always winning battles!

Name: Yuriko Yoshizawa a.k.a Yurie or Yuri
Superheroines played @ SA: Supergirl (SuperYurie-Zor-El) - Peril style
Location: Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Age: 26
Favourite food: Miso soup