Annabelle – Set 1 – SuperAnnabelle Poses For You!


Uh-oh! You know how Wonder Lauren warned you about Supergirl flying you home in our last set? Well, Supergirl’s made a surprise appearance at yours and Lauren’s flat! She’s in a seductive mood, wearing her battlesuit and she’s too cute to turn away! I think she likes you, fella!

This ultra cute caped angel fresh from Krypton can’t be that dangerous? She saved you and flew you home, right? Look at her! <3

You let her in, where she poses seductively for you, showing off her Kryptonian loveliness in her battlesuit. Until she hears Wonder Louise coming back home, then she flies off! Lauren better not be able to smell her on the bedsheets or you’re in a Wonder of trouble! 😉

Image Resolution: 2000×3000 (portrait) & 3000×2000 (landscape)

Number of images: 124 JPG files

Model: Annabelle

Supergirl Costume: Supergirl CW pre Season 5 skirt costume & red high-heeled PVC thigh boots (Link to purchase from Struts)

Annabelle’s Underwear: White lace panties/bra with white suspender belt & nude stockings.

Props: Bendy foam and a pair of dumbbells

Photographer: Mike Fieldhouse on behalf of Superhero Academy

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