Lucy Ava – Shoot Day 2 – Supergirl Matrix

Lucy dashed in to shoot her second set with us as Supergirl Matrix! Set 2 - Lucy Zor-El On A Bar Bender! I know it's a witty title, but it's not what you think! Supergirl's no use to anyone drunk, so no, not a bar crawl! She bends a crowbar! She shows off her strength, before showing you that she's not all tough, but sweet as well! It was so much fun having her shoot with us, She's lovely! And her inquisitive eyebrow…

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Jenny’s shoot day!

Jenny stopped by to do her two shoots for us with our photographer. Here's some previews: Set 1 - Cute Spider In The House! A lot of people HATE spiders. Creepy, ugly, fast little blighters that can JUMP! We had a rather CUTE spider in our house, we called her Jen! We even made up a poem for her: Spider Jen, Spider Jen, Cute lady spider in the house again! She spins a web, any size! Catches thieves just like flies!Spider Jen, we…

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UPCOMING: Our cuddly SuperGoddess!

There's a lot of stereotyping in the superheroine genre. Biased ideals of how a superheroine should look. Usually blonde, long legs, extremely muscular, with big bosom, a-la Powergirl. Here at Superhero Academy, we go our own way! We believe anyone can be heroes. Thin, or curvy, blonde or brunette, slender or muscular! To kick this off we booked Kay in with our photographer. Kay is a lovely cuddly size 10. Guys that love super women with curves are going to <3 her, I…

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SuperHonour Zor-El flies in as your housemaid!

The lovely Honour May flew in today to shoot us a Supergirl shoot to go with her unreleased Wonder Woman one. We aim to have all models do a shoot in each outfit, so this one completes Honour's so far. Honour May - Set 2 - Super Kitchen Maid of Honour! This one was fun, and shows Honour's playful side! Supergirl is known as the Maid of Might. Honour shows us that the title doesn't just include saving the world, it also stretches…

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SuperTommy flies in for us!

The lovely Tommy dropped in to shoot for us today! We were supposed to have her shoot as Wonder Woman, but due to the upcoming Portugal girl-girl shoot with Saffron and Louise, Mike sent the Wonder Woman costume ahead to Portugal to save on baggage weight. So we did an impromptu shoot with her as Supergirl Matrix instead, and came up with the following plot! Tommy - Set 1 - Tommy Tries Kara's Battlesuit! Kara's friend Tommy stayed over last night for Kara's…

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Annabelle took our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit for its maiden flight!

Annabelle is such a goddess, and has such a gorgeous body shape we thought she'd be perfect to take our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit for its maiden flight, so yesterday she jumped into it and swooped into the studio with Mike! She did the suit justice, and Mike did her justice with his camera skills! Previews of Annabelle - Set 2 - Your girlfriend is Supergirl Matrix The set is now available to purchase via THIS LINK. You won't be disappointed! She's a…

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Introducing SuperYurie!

We have a new Supergirl model coming to Superhero Academy! Well, these sets were shot a few years ago before I actually made Superhero Academy a thing. Her name is Yuriko, she's a real life kickass goddess who loves Martial Arts, plus she looks Super cute in our 80's Supergirl battlesuit! She prefers peril instead of always winning! So there's always that element of, "Can she escape?!?" when you see her accosted by a Facehugger, or trapped by Catwoman!

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