About Superhero Academy

Our Mission

At Superhero Academy our mission is to showcase the beauty and depth of superhero cosplay glamour. Often seen as “nerdy”, it’s actually overlooked as a form of self expression! It isn’t just someone in a costume, the costume and character’s personality often matches the personality of the wearer! Not only that but jumping into your idol’s costume is extremely fun!

General public photoshoots/video sessions

We offer photography/video services allowing you to become the superhero/superheroine of your dreams. If you’ve always wanted Superman/Supergirl’s superpowers, or Wonder Woman’s strength, even Shazam’s magical power, we can help you be your hero for a day! Anyone is welcome, even families, and children. We especially love to hear from comic geeks/geekesses who love to go to ComicCon and MCM Expo, you’re our kind of experienced guys/gals!

UK Glamour Girl Superheroines

We’ve partnered with leading glamour photographers such as Mike Fieldhouse to bring you popular UK glamour girls as superheroines. Always wanted to see beautiful ladies such as Elle Hunter, Natasha Anastasia and Jenni P (Jenny Czech) as your favourite heroine, posing just for you in her battlesuit? You’re in the right place! Get in touch with your requirements for a shoot and we’ll make it happen!

Our selling point!

We’re not like your typical heroine site. We don’t just do lone girl heroine vs. big muscly evil guy. We believe a gorgeous girl heroine should have a handsome guy hero by her side, a dream team!