Superhero Academy - Wardrobe


This costume is for SuperMa’am/Superwoman Lois shoots for ladies & Superman shoots for guys. It was bought from Zentai Hero. It is based off Superman’s 1975 suit.

Costume Stats:

Seamstress: Zentai Hero –  Link – Character: 1975 Superman – Size: UK Female 8-10

Type: Bodysuit, button on cape with yellow “S” insignia, trunks. Costume has sewn in bootees but we use proper boots over them. For SuperMa’am we use our Supergirl Matrix boots.

Cost: Including shipping to UK: $60

Debuted @ SA by: UK glamour model Amy Green (Pictures from Superfit SuperMa’am shoot)

To differentiate this suit’s name, we use the following criteria:

Guys = Superman – Young blonde woman = Superwoman

Mature brunette woman = SuperMa’am/Lois