Superhero Academy - Models - Female


Tommy has that gorgeous “Mistress” look about her, don’t you think? It’s easy to see why, with her soft long dark hair, beautiful face, full kissable lips and big brown eyes. Just make sure she’s on your side instead of against you, and you’ll be fine! 

Tommy can speak German and Spanish and play the the piano. But not all at the same time!

Tommy’s into house, rock and 80’s music. Her favourite books are Harry Potter ones, she loves watching Love Island and eating Indian curry. In a cape she’s scarily dominant, with a soft side if you behave yourself! 

These sets are EXCLUSIVE to Superhero Academy! You won’t find her as a superheroine anywhere else!

Tommy's Bio

Name: Tommy Hill a.k.a Max – DOB: N/A – Star Sign: N/A

Height: 5′ 1″ (150cm) – Waist: 26″ – Hips: 30″ – Bust: 32C

Eye Colour: Brown – Hair Colour: Brown

Hometown: UK

Date Joined Superhero Academy: October 2021