Superhero Academy - Safety Info

COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 is possibly the biggest pandemic we’ve ever faced. It’s affecting everyone greatly! We have had to reduce service massively, so here we’ll outline what services we are still providing.

General public photoshoots/videos

General public photoshoots are still going ahead, but they are singles only. We cannot do family shoots, or more than one person from a group of friends. Models are not required to wear masks during shoots, as our photographer does so, and keeps a distance of 6m or more from them during the shoot, where s/he uses zoom to do close up shots. We recognise that a mask could ruin a precious shoot, these measures are a compromise.

Our photographers all abide by the coronavirus guidelines. We use masks, and have hand sanitizer stations around our studio for everyone to use. All props and equipment are regularly sanitized, and 2m distance guidelines/markers are in place. Costumes are regularly washed/steamed to prevent bacteria and viruses.

UK Glamour Girl Superheroines photoshoots/videos

We are using third party photographers such as Mike Fieldhouse to produce glamour girl content, as travel is being restricted. All our third party photographers have their own guidelines and safety procedures in place to keep them and the models safe.