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Pippa Doll

Pippa’s one of those women who you look once at, and then have to adore her again! She has a feisty, yet sweet friendly face! She is a gorgeous natural doll! Before becoming a model, Pippa participated in karate competitions at international level until a severe knee injury ended that career. Pippa has a labrador retriever named Bruce. She loves pizza and if you see her out rollerskating, she’ll probably have her favourite band, Oasis, blasting in her headphones.

She LOVES her coffee, and her phone, as you can see from her casual pic opposite. Because she’s never without her phone, she’ll always get your call for help and come flying or swooping right over!

You won’t find Pip as a superheroine anywhere else!

Pippa's Bio

Name: Pippa Doll (Pippa McVitie) – DOB: 1997-12-09 – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′ 7″ (1.7m) – Waist: 26 – Hips: 34 – Bust: 34B

Eye Colour: Hazel – Hair Colour: Blonde

Hometown: England, United Kingdom

Date Joined Superhero Academy: September 2022

Characters: Supergirl Matrix (SuperPip Zor-El)