Superhero Academy - Policies

Sponsorship Policy

This policy outlines our stance on sponsorship or monetization where third party logos appear in shoots, for example in fitness gear.


Superhero Academy DOES NOT endorse third party companies. If any logos appear on any gear we use, be it equipment or clothing, please do NOT assume we are endorsing it. Even companies relating to comics, such as DC or Marvel.

At the moment, we do not accept sponsorship from third parties. All money we make is from customers buying our content.

Third Party Brand Monetization

Superhero Academy IS NOT monetized by any third party brands. They DO NOT pay us to have their logos/products appear in videos or photoshoots.

Any brand/logo relating to any product, is consequential. For example, the SHREDZ or PUMA logos on our fitness gear used in transformation shoots, the logos are just there because it is the branding. We are not being paid by those companies to have the logos, or the clothes, in the shoot.

Nor are we being paid by comic companies such as DC or Marvel to feature their superhero costumes. Nor is it implied.

We are not brand ambassadors or influencers for ANY brand whatsoever, only our own, Superhero Academy!

Signed: J Butterworth – Superhero Academy owner/admin