Superhero Academy Updates

Here you’ll find our entire catalog of photoset & video releases. They are ordered by newest first

2022-05-17 - Saffron (Sophie B) - Set 1 - Wonderous Spicy Saffron! (Photos)

Saffron has a spicy name, literally. She’s not just spicy, like the spice of the same name, but she’s Wonderous in her Amazonian battlesuit! She knows her moves, and how to use her weapons!

She’s a Wonderful girlfriend too. Spicy, seductive, and all things nice!

That doesn’t mean you can annoy her. She will kick your butt. She is an Amazonian lioness at heart, after all….

2022-03-23 - Jen Loveheart - Set 1 - Cute Spider In The House! (Photos)

Spiders are normally ugly little blighters! Fast, freaky, and hard to keep track of! We have a spider that has taken up residence in our house and she’s REALLY cute! We called her Jen, even made up a poem:

Spider Jen, Spider Jen! Cute lady spider in the house again!
She spins a web, any size! Catches thieves just like flies!
Spider Jen, we put more flies on your web again!

Who needs a house alarm when you have a web slinging burglar catcher like Jen?


2022-03-21 - Jen Loveheart - Set 2 - Super Mistress! (Photos)

Jen is your mistress. You’ve been seeing her for a while, as you have toxic people in your life. You’re worried that their mysogny is creeping into you. Jen is keeping your love and respect for women strong and true. She dominates you, not letting you get too close, by using her whip playfully.

Whilst keeping you in line, she has a secret to show you. She isn’t just a mistress, but a superpowered one! She looks so colourful in her Super suit!

She scares you just a bit when she bends a crowbar in front of you. Gulp! 😉


2021-11-15 - Louise & Saffron - Duo Set 1 - Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Portugal! (Photos)

Supergirl (Louise) attends a meeting with Wonder Woman (Saffron). Supergirl’s new to earth and Wonder Woman doesn’t trust her. They fight it out in a pure strength sparring session. Amazonian warrior princess vs. Kryptonian Maid of Might. Can they work their differences out?

Who will win? Will they become friends? Or maybe more….? No cliche chloroform here! Not even Kryptonite!


2021-07-05 - Annabelle - Set 2 - Your Girlfriend is Supergirl Matrix! (Photos)

When you get home, your girlfriend has a secret to show you! Under her plain shirt and jeans is her sexy alter-ego, SuperBelle Zor-El! This isn’t a costume, it’s her battlesuit!

She’s Supergirl Matrix! She shows her strength, flight and landing poses, then seductively leads you upstairs to show you her seduction superpowers! Your angel in a cape awaits!


2021-06-16 - Honour May - Set 1 - Honour's Wonderous Beauty! (Photos)

There’s a new Wonder Woman in town, and guess what? She’s the alter-ego of the girl you’ve been dating for months! Little did you know your blue eyed brunette goddess was an Amazonian princess!

You accidentally discover her identity of Wonder when you walk in from work early, and she’s there in her Amazonian battlesuit, as WonderHonour, practising her moves! You’re stunned, but she needs to know you’ll keep it a secret! She dominates you but then sweetens up!

2021-05-16 - Annabelle - SuperAnnabelle Zor-El Poses For You!

Uh-oh! You know how Wonder Lauren warned you about Supergirl flying you home in our last set? Well, Supergirl’s made a surprise appearance at yours and Lauren’s flat! She’s in a seductive mood, wearing her battlesuit and she’s too cute to turn away! I think she likes you, fella!

This ultra cute caped angel fresh from Krypton can’t be that dangerous? She saved you and flew you home, right? Look at her! <3

You let her in, where she poses seductively for you, showing off her Kryptonian loveliness in her battlesuit. Until she hears Wonder Louise coming back home, then she flies off! Lauren better not be able to smell her on the bedsheets or you’re in a Wonder of trouble! 😉

2021-05-10 - Lauren Louise - Wonder Lauren Set 1 - Wonder Woman Dominates & Flirts!

We are so proud to announce both our new model, and new costume! Welcoming Lauren Louise in our new WW’84 costume, to become the almighty Amazonian warrior princess Diana!

You were saved from a car crash by a newcomer from Krypton who wears a cape in red, blue and yellow, called Supergirl. Wonder Woman’s your girlfriend, she doesn’t trust this superpowered newcomer, and dominates you for allowing a stranger to fly you home! She shows that she’s more elegant than Supergirl, and that you should worship the colours red, gold and blue!!

Once you’re disciplined the Amazonian way, she flirts with you! You’ll <3 her! Lauren’s new blonde hair goes well with the gold of her battlesuit, don’t you think?

2021-02-10 - Louise - SuperLouise Zor-El Set 1 - Secretary Transforms to Supergirl!

Louise (formerly known as Sara Reynolds) is working hard from home, due to COVID, typing away, when suddenly her super hearing picks up trouble! She changes into her battlesuit to become SuperLouise Zor-El, showing off as she does. She flies off, sorts the trouble, comes back and shows her strength, beauty, and flirts with you! 

She then changes into a daring velvet dress to hit the town with you! Socially distanced, of course!

2020-12-20 - Elle Hunter - Set 1 - Introducing SuperElle Zor-El!

Elle Hunter (aka Elle M) is our newest model. Kindly shot exclusively for us by Mike Fieldhouse (photographer at OnlyAllSites group of glamour sites), this is her debut set, she was only too happy to transform from her evening dress, to her Supergirl battlesuit for you, to show off her beauty, strength, dominance, and her sweetness, as well as her powerful battlesuit, boots and cape.

Only problem is, she had to fly off suddenly to save someone!! As you do, when you’re the caped Maid of Might…..