Superhero Academy - Models - Female - Saffron - Photosets

Saffron - Set 1 - Wonderous Spicy Saffron! (2022-05-17)

Saffron shows you that she’s as spicy as the spice she’s named after, as well as being Wonderous as Wonder Woman!

Saffron has a spicy name, literally. She’s not just spicy, like the spice of the same name, but she’s Wonderous in her Amazonian battlesuit! She knows her moves, and how to use her weapons!

She’s a Wonderful girlfriend too. Spicy, seductive, and all things nice!

NOTE: We *KNOW* Wonderous is spelt wrong. It’s a play on words. It is supposed to be spelt “Wondrous”, but we spelt it Wonderous in line with “Wonder” Woman. Please don’t contact us about it!

113 high quality JPG images at 2000×3000 & 3000×2000!

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