Superhero Academy - Models - Female

Yuriko Shirakawa (Yurie)

Yurie Is our ultra cute Japanese Supergirl, a.k.a SuperYurie Zor-El! Don’t let her ultra cute looks fool you, this lil caped angel is a black belt in real life! She specialises in superheroine peril with us as she likes to kick butt!

NOTE: These sets are sexually suggestive, but NON-NUDE. They were shot before the direction of the site was decided!

Yurie's Bio

Name: Yuriko Shirakawa a.k.a Yurie/SuperYurie Zor-El

Height: 5ft 2in – Waist: 22in – Hips: 26in – Bust: N/A

Eye Colour: Brown – Hair Colour: Brunette – Hometown: Osaka, Tokyo, Japan

Specialist Character @ SA: 1984 Supergirl (Peril)

Date Joined Superhero Academy: December 2020

Yurie's Superhero Academy Sets

If you like superheroine peril, Yurie specialises in it! She’s exclusive to us! Whether battling a Facehugger or resisting Catwoman’s seduction, she does it!

Yurie Set 1 - SuperYurie Zor-El Fights Facehugger! (2020-12-20)

A Facehugger weakens SuperYurie with Kryptonite, then attempts to play with her! Can she survive?