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We now offer AI images!

We’ve decided to offer AI generated images and comic manipulations of AI generations as an *extra*, for a small fee, as our running costs are increasing, and we wanted to see what it was all about!

Porchia’s Shoot Day!

Porchia Watson arrests you as a cop, then transforms from sexy policewoman to Superwoman to un-arrest you!

Our 5 Most Recent Updates

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2024-01-11 - Hattie Grace (formerly Kelly Hathaway) - Beautiful Batgirl! (Photos)

There’s a sexy new heroine at Superhero Academy! Our Academy is a haven for animal themed heroines! We have a cute Spider girl, and now we have a cute Batgirl and she’s not hanging around! Presenting Hattie Grace (previously Kelly Hathaway) as Yvonne Craig’s 1967 Batgirl!

Watch her showing off the gorgeous tight shiny purple costume, as she busts her moves for you!


2023-12-26 - Kate Winslet - Titanic Supergirl! (AI Comic Panel)

I started playing around with AI image generation (a lot of them are on my DeviantArt page), and have decided to sell one to test the water, with this one of Kate Winslet as a Titanic Supergirl! I’ve turned it into a comic panel, with quite a bit of humour, involving Rose, ice, and Titanic!

 This piece is EXCLUSIVE to us at Superhero Academy, because I generated, edited and manipped it!

2023-01-07 - Stephanie Bonham Carter - Daily Planet's Superstar! (Photos)

Linda Danvers is your best reporter! She gets to scenes, and does reports, REALLY fast! You’re about to find out why, when you stop by her house to pick some reports up. She’s working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. You’re about to find out why she is SUPER fast!

She’s also SUPER beautiful transformed into her suit! Her sea blue eyes and heart shaped red lips match her colourful battlesuit perfectly! Her long, slender legs look AWESOME in her Superboots!


2022-12-31 - 2023 Digital Calendar (Printable PDF) (Calendar)

Here’s your chance to have a heroine every month! My first self-made calendar. There was a mix up with my photographer so some new characters weren’t shot in time for a physical one. Supergirl repeats a few times, so I made this one in Photoshop, for FREE!

Featuring our UK glamour models in a variety of costumes, this calendar will print out onto A4 paper. I recommend duplex printing (print one side, flip and re-insert page, print the next).

Happy New Year for 2023 from all of us at Superhero Academy!


2022-09-05 - Amy Green - Set 1 - Powergirl's Power! (Photos)

There’s a sexy new model/heroine at Superhero Academy, and she’s here to show off! Presenting Amy Green as…….Powergirl!

She’s Supergirl, but in an alternate universe. She wants her own identity, so has adopted a naughtier, skimpier costume as well as white in her colour scheme. Watch as she shows off her uber womanliness, sexiness, power strength, and those gorgeous toned legs. Don’t have her break your neck between them! Eeek!! She can bend steel like her alternate sister, but looks sexier doing it!!


2022-05-17 - Saffron (Sophie B) - Set 1 - Wonderous Spicy Saffron! (Photos)

Saffron has a spicy name, literally. She’s not just spicy, like the spice of the same name, but she’s Wonderous in her Amazonian battlesuit! She knows her moves, and how to use her weapons!

She’s a Wonderful girlfriend too. Spicy, seductive, and all things nice!

2021-03-23 - Jen (Jenny) Loveheart - Set 1 - Cute Spider In The House! (Photos)

Spiders are normally ugly little blighters! Fast, freaky, and hard to keep track of! We have a spider that has taken up residence in our house and she’s REALLY cute! We called her Jen! Who needs a house alarm when you have a web spinning burglar catcher like Jen?


2021-03-21 - Jen (Jenny) Loveheart - Set 2 - Super Mistress! (Photos)

Jen is your mistress. You’ve been seeing her for a while, you have toxic people in your life, worrying that their mysogny is creeping into you. Jen keeps your love & respect for women strong & true. She dominates you, not letting you get too close, by using her whip playfully.

Whilst keeping you in line, she has a secret to show you. She isn’t just a mistress, but a superpowered one! She scares you just a bit when she bends a crowbar in front of you. Gulp!


2021-11-15 - Louise & Saffron - Duo Set 1 - Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Portugal! (Photos)

Supergirl (Louise) attends a meeting with Wonder Woman (Saffron). Supergirl’s new to earth and Wonder Woman doesn’t trust her. They fight it out in a pure strength sparring session. Amazonian warrior princess vs. Kryptonian Maid of Might. Can they work their differences out?

Who will win? Will they become friends? Or maybe more….? No cliche chloroform here! Not even Kryptonite!