Porchia’s Shoot Day!

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Porchia joined Mike for our shoot today! It turned out to be quite a funny one! Porchia is a stunner!

Porchia Watson – Set 1 – Superwoman cops off!

By day she’s a police officer, but by night, and in secret, she’s……..Superwoman?!? Porchia’s wearing her rather sexy police uniform for you, during some roleplay fun in the bedroom (don’t let the department know she’s been using police equipment for “extra-curricular” activities!)

She shows off her uniform, baton and handcuffs! Her long legs look great in the shorty bodysuit, while her luscious heart shaped lips smothered with red lipstick seduce and weaken you! You’ve been a BAD boy, so she arrests you and slaps the handcuffs on! Oops, what did you do to upset her? Aah, but its all part of her plan to show you who she REALLY is!

She goes into the toilet in the bedroom (en-suite, you posh thing you!), and you think nothing of it, so you wait patiently, in handcuffs, for her to do her business and come out again! But when she emerges from the toilet, she’s wearing brighter colours! It’s a bodysuit…and a cape….with red boots….and a familiar “S” on her chest! She’s SUPERWOMAN???

Well, a toilet sure beats the usual phone box! Whoa! Porchia as a cop was sexy enough, but a hot lady superhero? Yeehaw! Superwoman, save me!

And she does! She approaches you, gives you a look to say, “What did that nasty police lady do to you?”. She un-arrests you, and then shows off her costume! She even bends a crowbar of cold American steel in front of you! (She actually BROKE it, see PLOT TWIST below!). She flirts with you, looking drop dead GORGEOUS in the tight supersuit!

Plot Twist

We actually think Porchia IS A SUPERHEROINE, the events of the day seemed to line up:

  • She was 45 minutes late to the shoot, and had to leave 2 hours early
  • She BROKE the crowbar during the bending phase
  • She seemed agitated and in “diva mode” as Mike put it.

I jokingly mentioned to Mike that all these things lined up and to check whether she was late, or was trying to stop a secret terrorist plot!! She was late and had to leave early after breaking a crowbar? That’s a superheroine thing right there! 😉

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  1. Mike

    When are these going to be available to buy?

    1. SuperJames Zor-El

      Hi Mike,

      I’m working on a big backlog of videos now that the site has been migrated and the old large file download issue is (hopefully) resolved. There’s a backlog of photoshoots too. This year didn’t go to plan, I haven’t had anywhere near as much time to focus on the site as I hoped. Life gets in the way! I’m hoping in a couple months. Thanks for being a member!

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