Superhero Academy - Models - Female (Glamour)

Jen (Jenny) Loveheart

Is she a blonde? Is she a redhead? Actually she is a hybrid of the two, known as a strawberry blonde! When she’s not saving the world, she loves to read, her fave book being Witch by Lisa Lister. When she gets the munchies she loves a good veggie burger and milkshake. Her spare time superpower is that she’s a massive gamer nerd! She loves bopping out to Doja Cat, and watching Gilmore Girls.

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Jenny's Bio

Name: Jen Loveheart (Jenny) – DOB: 1997-12-6 – Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′ 5″ (1.53m) – Waist: 26 – Hips: 37 – Bust: 32E

Eye Colour: Blue – Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde

Hometown: UK

Date Joined Superhero Academy: March 2022

Superheroes @ SA: Supergirl 1984 (Helen Slater) & Spider Gwen (Stacy)