Superhero Academy - Policies

Product Review Policy

When writing reviews for products on our site, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow.

When writing reviews:

1. No abuse or swearing. Avoid swearing, sexist/racist comments, or abuse towards our models, Superhero Academy staff, or other members. Derogatory reviews are removed.

2. Be detailed. Include what you liked, and why. What you didn’t, and why, but keep it clean as per 1. above. We appreciate constructive criticism, and learn from it, but be nice!

3. Avoid pointless one liners. “I loved it!” is great but it doesn’t tell us exactly why! Did you like the model? Her hair/makeup? The costume? The way she posed? The look of the item?

4. Don’t be overly sexual with comments for model shoots. We understand heroines and heroes can be (and are!) sexually attractive, but this a family site. Keep language safe. We encourage families to shoot for us.

Consistent abuse of this policy will result in your account being disabled. This will disable your access to purchases/downloads, and prevent further purchases. Be respectful 🙂