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2023 Superhero Academy Digital PDF Calendar (2022-12-31)

Our first calendar is here! I self made this one and am offering it FREE!

Here’s your chance to have a heroine every month! My first self-made calendar. There was a mix up with my photographer so some new characters weren’t shot in time for a physical one. Supergirl repeats a few times, so I made this one in Photoshop, for FREE!

Featuring our UK glamour models in a variety of costumes, with some bonus unreleased set previews, this calendar will print out onto A4 paper. I recommend duplex printing (print one side, flip and re-insert page, print the next). Photo paper works best but I recommend testing with standard paper.

WARNING: This will USE PLENTY OF INK!! Due to hardware and software variations, we cannot offer support or be held liable for lost ink or wasted paper. It is YOUR responsibility to be familiar with your equipment and settings.

Happy New Year for 2023 from all of us at Superhero Academy!


13 high quality pages in PDF format, one for every month of 2023! Contains unreleased set previews!

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