Superhero Academy - Models - Female - Louise & Saffron - Photosets

Louise & Saffron - Duo Set 1 - Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Portugal! (2021-11-15)

It’s Louise’s first time putting our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit through its paces in a fight as she becomes Supergirl Matrix to take on Saffron as Wonder Woman, in Portugal!

Wonder Woman (Saffron) learns of a new Kryptonian crusader who’s landed on Earth. Supergirl Matrix, they call her. She has superpowers and lasers. Wonder Woman doesn’t trust her, so meets with her, to settle things heroine to heroine.

Supergirl Matrix (Louise) can’t seem to ease Wonder Woman’s doubts. Wonder Woman challenges Supergirl to a pure strength fight. No superpowers or weapons, although Wonder Woman tries cheating at first! Naughty Amazonian warrior princess!!

Who will win? Or will they both become friends? Or more than that…..?

109 high quality JPG images at 2000×3000 & 3000×2000!

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