Louise & Saffron – Duo Set 1 – Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Portugal!


Wonder Woman (Saffron) learns of a new Kryptonian crusader who’s landed on Earth. Supergirl Matrix, they call her. She has superpowers and lasers. Wonder Woman doesn’t trust her, so meets with her, to settle things heroine to heroine.

Supergirl Matrix (Louise) can’t seem to ease Wonder Woman’s doubts. Wonder Woman challenges Supergirl to a pure strength fight. No superpowers or weapons, although Wonder Woman tries cheating at first! Naughty Amazonian warrior princess!!

Who will win? Or will they both become friends? Or more than that…..?

Image Resolution: 2000×3000 (portrait) & 3000×2000 (landscape)

Number of images: 109 JPG files

Models: Louise & Saffron

Supergirl Costume: Superhero Academy Supergirl Matrix custom made suit from MandyCosplay

Wonder Woman Costume: Superhero Academy’s custom made WW ’84 Variant

Louise’s Underwear: None, because the costume is a long sleeved leotard with sewn in skirt

Saffron’s Underwear: Blue spandex boyshorts under WW costume

Props: Wonder Woman’s sword, shield and lasso

Photographer: Mike Fieldhouse on behalf of Superhero Academy

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We’re only a small team, and producing these sets costs us a lot of money, from model costs, to website hosting. It isn’t cheap when modelling costs are up to £200 an hour for well known models! Our custom made costumes are expensive too!

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