Annabelle – Set 2 – Your Girlfriend is Supergirl Matrix!

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Annabelle is the lucky heroine who took our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit for its maiden flight!

You get home, and there’s Annabelle, your cute girlfriend, known as Belle, dressed casually in shirt & jeans. While admiring her, you notice something colourful under her white shirt. Looks like a diamond “S”?

Belle has something to show you! She gingerly takes off her shirt, revealing full Matrix Supergirl battlesuit, slipping off her jeans revealing her lovely legs in her sexy knee high heroine boots! You’re blown away! She looks great in this costume! But it *isn’t* a costume.

She “is” Supergirl, a.k.a Belle Zor-El, & this costume is her sexy battlesuit!

She poses for you there in her living room, showing off her strength, bending a metal pole, showing off her flight and landing poses. Best of all, she’s feeling really sexy showing her super-alter ego to you!

She seductively leads you upstairs where she flirts and poses for you even more! Lots of guys would love to be where you are right now so make the most of it, fella, before she flies off to save someone! Supergirl, your caped angel!

It’s your turn to fly her to Heaven, tiger!

Image Resolution: 2000×3000 (portrait) & 3000×2000 (landscape)

Number of images: 159 JPG files

Model: Annabelle

Supergirl Costume: Supergirl Matrix custom made suit from MandyCosplay (Link to site costume info page)

Annabelle’s Underwear: None, because the costume is a long sleeved leotard with sewn in skirt

Props: Bendy foam

Photographer: Mike Fieldhouse on behalf of Superhero Academy

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We’re only a small team, and producing these sets costs us a lot of money, from model costs, to website hosting. It isn’t cheap when modelling costs are up to £200 an hour for well known models! Our custom made costumes are expensive too!

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1 review for Annabelle – Set 2 – Your Girlfriend is Supergirl Matrix!

  1. veggicidal (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! Just can’t wait to see more content.

    • SuperJames Zor-El

      Hi Veggicidal, welcome aboard!

      We have lots more upcoming content. I shot quite a few Wonder Woman and Supergirl shoots, but want to stagger them, while we do some shoots with new costumes, such as Powergirl and Batgirl. I don’t want people getting bored with the same two lol. My dad’s passing has thrown a spanner in the works as I had to clear a lot of his debt that we were unware of, so that has eaten into my savings badly. That, and the car decided it wanted to eat some too and need a new oil cooler!

      We have an exciting unnanounced shoot in Portugal, with Wonder Woman and Supergirl fighting it out, coming in the next week or so. Our photographer Mike is due there anytime now. I’d just logged in to do a blog post about it when I saw your comment!

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