Honour May – Set 1 – Honour’s Wonderous Beauty!


There’s a new Wonder Woman in town, and guess what? She’s the alter-ego of the girl you’ve been dating for months!

You accidentally discover her identity of Wonder when you walk in from work early, and she’s there in her Amazonian battlesuit, as WonderHonour, practising her moves! You’re stunned, but she needs to know you’ll keep it a secret!

She dominates you and shows you how scary she can be, showing her Amazonian battle moves and weapons, but then she becomes beautiful and sweet again!

Wonderous girlfriend indeed! I wonder what she’ll do with that lasso, fella? Wink, wink 😉

Image Resolution: 2000×3000 (portrait) & 3000×2000 (landscape)

Number of images: 138 JPG files. Unretouched!

Model: Honour May

Wonder Woman Costume: WW ’84 Costume with lasso, sword and shield. Comes with headband, leg guards, leg covers, clogs etc

Honour’s Underwear: Blue spandex hotpants supplied with costume.

Props: Wonder Woman’s sword, shield and lasso

Photographer: Mike Fieldhouse on behalf of Superhero Academy

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