Superhero Academy - Models - Female - Cassie B - Photosets

Cassie B - Set 1 - Your Reporter is Supergirl Matrix! (2021-07-05)

Cassie shows the REAL reason she speeds through writing articles! She’s SuperCassie Zor-El, in our Supergirl Matrix battlesuit!

You’re director of the Daily Planet, and have popped by your new reporter, Cassie’s house to pick up a draft of a new article she’s writing, on the mysterious caped being that has been talk of the media. Supergirl, they’re calling her!

You get to her house, and there she is busily working away. Except what she’s about to show you may shock you!

Cassie *is* the beautiful caped woman that’s been flying around saving people! And she’s your best reporter! No wonder she is so quick at writing articles, she’s superpowered!

Up close, in her gorgeous suit, she is *amazingly* beautiful, you can feel the Kryptonian power oozing from her body! She poses for you, professionally, yet seductively.

Can you keep this a secret at the office?

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