Superhero Academy - Models - Female - Louise

Louise's Sets

Louise is ready to show you how cute, feisty yet kickass she is! These sets/videos are EXCLUSIVE to Superhero Academy and not available anywhere else!

Louise & Saffron - Duo Set 1 - Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Portugal! (2021-11-15)

Supergirl attends a meeting with Wonder Woman. Supergirl’s new to Earth & Wonder Woman (Saffron) doesn’t trust her. They fight it out. Can they work their differences out? No Kryptonite or cliche chloroform here!!

Louise - Set 1 - From Secretary to SuperLou Zor-El! (2021-02-10)

Louise goes from Secretary to Supergirl to save someone, then comes back to show her strength, beauty, and flirt with you! She then slips into daring velvet dress to hit the town with you!