Amy Green – Set 1 – Powergirl’s Power!


There’s a sexy new heroine at Superhero Academy, and she’s here to show off! Powergirl! She’s actually Supergirl, but in an alternate universe. She wants her own identity, so has adopted a naughtier, skimpier costume than her alternate counterpart.

A white highleg leotard costume with blue belt, that shows off her sexy toned thighs and long legs in high heeled blue knee-high boots with folded top. Her leotard has a naughty cutout to flash her womanly cleavage! Unlike Supergirl, Powergirl’s battlesuit has no logos.

Her cape flows off one shoulder, joined to the other side of itself with a gold rope. She also has a different, more aggressive fighting style.

Watch as she shows off her uber womanliness, sexiness, power strength, and those gorgeous toned legs. Don’t have her break your neck between them! Eeek!!

She can bend steel like her alternate sister, but looks sexier doing it!!


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Image Resolution: 2000×3000 (portrait) & 3000×2000 (landscape)

Number of images: 132 JPG files. Unretouched!

Model: Amy Green

Amy’s Costume: Powergirl highleg leotard with signature cleavage cutout. Blue waistbelt, blue knee high high heeled Powergirl boots with unique folded tops. Red off-shoulder cape with gold rope. Completed with Powergirl’s signature blue gloves.

Underwear: None

Props: Metal dumbbells and bendable realistic crowbar!

Photographer: Mike Fieldhouse on behalf of Superhero Academy

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