Our new Supergirl Matrix battlesuit!

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We used to be big fans of SuperSexyHeroines.com and UltraSexyHeroines.com (later became Superheroines.net), until Jon lost his way, or maybe just lost interest. Well, we’d like to carry on where he left off, as we love heroines showing off in their sexy battlesuits. Training our heroines and having them show off is what we do! There’s some pretty cute and amazing new models in the industry we think would be great as heroines.

We’ve commissioned MandyCosplay to design us a costume based on SuperSexyHeroines’ Matrix costume, but with the correct “S” Krypton insignia instead of the star he used. The logo on this one is a bit smaller than normal, as we wanted an embroidered S instead of hand cut. It makes the suit unique in our opinion:

We can’t wait to get some feisty, leggy, superpowered goddesses in this cute battlesuit! You can see more information on the costume, and how to book Mandy to design you a costume, on our site page on it, HERE

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