Teasers for upcoming Saffron & Cassie B Wonder Woman & Supergirl Matrix releases!

You are currently viewing Teasers for upcoming Saffron & Cassie B Wonder Woman & Supergirl Matrix releases!

We recently shot two more gorgeous heroines for our lineup! Both are OnlySites veterans, in the form of Saffron (a.k.a Sophie B) and Cassie B! Some teasers! First up, the lovely seductive, spicy Saffron:

Saffron – Set 1 – Wonder-ous Spicy Saffron!

(NOTE: Wondrous is spelt like “Wonder-ous” deliberately!) In this set Saffron shows her Amazonian feistyness in this shoot as Saffron, Princess of Themyscira!

Don’t get on her bad side, she’s a goddess with that lasso! Mix that with some bad magic, you’ve had it, tiger!

Release: TBC 2022

Saffron – Set 2 – SuperSaffron’s Seductive Superpowers

In this set Saffron wants you to know that she’s not just your girlfriend! She has hidden superpowers! Under her gorgeous seductive silk shirt is an even more seductive battesuit! She’s Supergirl Matrix! Can you resist her seducing you?

Are you strong enough to save her?

Release: TBC 2022

Next we move on to Cassie B. This babe is a goddess!

Cassie – Set 1 – Your Reporter is Supergirl!

In this set, you’re director of the Daily Planet, and have popped by your new reporter, Cassie’s house to pick up a draft of a new article she’s writing, on the mysterious caped being that has been talk of the media. Supergirl, they’re calling her!

You get to her house, and there she is busily working away. Except what she’s about to show you may shock you.

Cassie is the beautiful caped woman that’s been flying around saving people! And she’s your best reporter! No wonder she is so quick at writing articles, she’s superpowered!

Up close, in her gorgeous suit, she is amazingly beautiful, you can feel the Kryptonian power oozing from her body! She poses for you, professionally, yet seductively.

Can you keep this a secret at the office?

She’s a Super cutie! Shares in Daily Planet are going to skyrocket faster than SuperCassie Zor-El taking flight!

Release: TBC 2022

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