A typical shoot’s cost breakdown

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Some people have reached out to us to ask why our photosets are expensive. To put it simply, they aren’t. To put the price of a set £15 – £25 into context, here’s what’s involved:

  1. Cost of equipment (dSLR camera, lenses, lighting rig, greenscreens, etc plus a 4K camcorder to shoot BTS at same time) = £3,000 to £8,000. A lot of the time financing is used to pay for it so we have monthly repayments!
  2. Model’s cost of time = £140 – £200 per hour. Shoots are usually 1+hr, or longer if separate videos are shot
  3. Shoot setup/rehearsal time (in case of a scripted video) 3-4 hrs
  4. Electricity costs to run the studio
  5. Costs of website hosting for our site = £119 a year
  6. Video editing time (Previews, BTS, and any action videos) Up to 1 week total
  7. Costs of music licensing for videos – Maximum £45 per video depending on score length. Even if we use the same music in two vids, they have to be separately licensed.
  8. Costume costs. We do not use cheap Chinese costumes, we use reputable seamstresses – £320 – £400 per costume.

Each and every shoot we do we need to try to make a profit to make Superhero Academy a viable company. This means at least offsetting the models costs for every shoot. It is the model’s costs mainly that dictate the photoset prices, as we are paying these costs constantly for every shoot.

Running a photography business is not cheap, and we run this in our spare time. We often have more expenses (losses) than profits. So now you may understand what it costs us to bring you these gorgeous heroines!

That £15 – £20 doesn’t seem so much now, does it?

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