Wrapping up 2021 & coming up in 2022…….

2021 has been a bit of a mixed bag for me personally, and for Superhero Academy. COVID has put a downer on a lot of stuff, and I lost my dad in June, which caused a lot of stress and mental health issues. I’m a one man band, I run this site and have a nightshift job at Amazon!

The Academy in 2021

Website Changes

I’ve been learning the ropes with the Academy this year, and it’s been fun. Building the site, trying new things, changing things around to see how they look, you should see how many draft copies of pages I’ve created to try different layouts! I like the animations I’ve created on shoot pages, like a slideshow of the set. That’s fun, and modern. It gives the site a dynamic look. This site will keep evolving. It’ll probably look different every time you visit!

The ladies…..

I’ve had the chance to have shoots done by some of the most beautiful UK glamour girls this year. Cassie B, Louise (Sara Reynolds), Annabelle, Stephanie Bonham Carter, Suzi (Rachel H), Tommy (Debbie Lima), some of which are yet unreleased. I just wish I could have been there at the shoots with our photographer Mike, but due to COVID, couldn’t.


Editing videos has been fun. I’m not a video editor, so this is a learning curve. I bought Filmora, and have been playing around with it. I haven’t released any videos and have a big backlog because I’d finish one of the early ones with a basic skillset, Mike would send me the next one, my skills would improve, then I’d go back to the first video and didn’t like it because my skills had improved. Then I switched to 4K for some of the unreleased stuff, my laptop wouldn’t play ball. Filmora just kept crashing. Mike has now started doing VoP (Video of Photoshoot) videos as well as BTS (Behind The Scenes), so I now have even more videos to edit and release!

Coming up in 2022 at Superhero Academy

Upcoming glamour model shoots

We have a few unreleased sets to release in 2022 shot in 2021, from beauties such as Cassie B, Saffron, Suzi Star, and Stephanie Bonham Carter. We’re taking a break from shooting for a while to get new costumes in, so these unreleased sets will be staggered with newer shoots and different costumes/characters. I can also get these darn videos done!

General public & ComicCon geek shoots

If COVID allows it, I want to start inviting the general public and geeks to shoot with us. At the moment Mike Fieldhouse is shooting all our glamour stuff for us, so I’m not getting any practise in!

If anyone wants to come and do a fun shoot, in your own costume (families are welcome) and be paid for your time, get in touch with me. We’re in Manchester, there’s some good studios I can hire that have good facilities.

Instagram model shoots

We’re looking into some models that use Instagram that do cosplay, they’d be perfect for us! Some of our members have recommended some as well. Stay tuned!

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